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Welcome to Notary Public in the City of London

I am a Notary Public based in the City of London, offering services to clients throughout London.

We offer a full range of Notarial services from authentication of documents for use abroad, to Legalisation and Consular services.

Serving clients in:
City of London, Covent Garden, Holborn, West End of London, Westminster, South Bank, Temple, Barbican, Aldgate, Fleet Street, Bloomsbury, Strand and Central London

I serve both companies of all sizes and individual clients. Please contact me beforehand to obtain a quotation.

C Nichols and Notary in the City of London, Peterborough and Doncaster and Notary Public Corby, Notary Public Slough

Examples of Notary Services offered:

Identification when seeing a Notary Public

The quickest way to have your documents notarised is to make sure that you follow the identification guide below and bring with you, to your meeting with our Notary Public original documents. If at all unsure, please phone us prior to attending your appointment.

For an individual:

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For companies:

Company searches may be required in support or proof of certain corporate acts. It is required that these are obtained direct from Companies House by the Notary. In addition to personal documentation for the relevant personnel, the documents that we require and which we will download include the following:

Other documents that may be requested from you include:

Indemnity Insurance

Personal Indemnity cover is maintained in Excess of £1,000,000.


Data Protection Privacy Notice

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